Obesity Rates for Youth Ages 10 to 17

Roughly one in six youth have obesity, according to the newest available data. The data, from the National Survey of Children’s Health, show that in 2019-2020, 16.2 percent of youth ages 10 to 17 had obesity. That rate has held steady for the last five years.

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Updated October 2021

Fast Facts

Disparities by race, ethnicity, and income level persist


Of non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native youth have obesity, the highest of any of the five racial and ethnic groups studied.


Of youth from families in the lowest-income group have obesity, compared to 8.1% of those in families from the highest-income group.


States have obesity rates significantly higher than the national rate.

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This data set offers state-by-state youth obesity rates tracked over time since 2016.

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Obesity Rate, Youth Ages 10-17,

Obesity rates, children ages 10 to 17

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