Obesity Rates among High School Students

Updated June 2018: According to the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), 14.8% of high school students had obesity and an additional 15.6% were overweight. The information from YRBSS is based on a survey of participating states and uses self-reported information. State obesity rates among high school students ranged from a low of 9.5% in Colorado to a high of 21.7% in Arkansas, with a median of 14.2%.

There were differences in rates between male students (17.5%) and female
students (12.1%), as well as between black (18.2%), Hispanic (18.2%), and
white students (12.5%).18 These were the only racial and ethnic groups for
which obesity rate data were reported.

High School Obesity by State,

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Percent of obese high school students