Special Reports

The State of Childhood Obesity periodically produces special reports covering specific topics. View the special features and download reports below to learn more and see recommendations for action.

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October 2020

Report: Prioritizing Children’s Health During the Pandemic

This report, released in October 2020, presents the latest childhood obesity rates and trends, expert insights, relevant research, and policy developments, including emergency relief efforts to support major federal nutrition programs. It highlights promising strategies for prioritizing children’s health and improving equity in response to the pandemic and throughout recovery.

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New Feature

Sugary Drinks Harm Kids’ Health

Sugary drinks are the single largest source of calories in children’s diets and provide nearly half of kids’ added sugar intake. This new special feature highlights the latest data and trends on sugary drink consumption and facts about how sugary drinks impact kids’ health. It summarizes efforts and recommendations for reducing consumption, recent research, and stories of communities taking action.

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November 2019

Obesity Rates Decline Among WIC Participants

This report includes the latest state-by-state obesity rates among 2- to 4-year-old WIC participants, and national rates broken down by gender, race and ethnicity. It describes research about how the WIC program impacts child and maternal health, and features recommendations for extending the positive impact of WIC.

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October 2019

State of Childhood Obesity: Helping All Children Grow Up Healthy

This 2019 report includes findings from major federal datasets measuring childhood obesity among different age groups and describes policies and programs aimed at creating healthier child-care centers, schools, and communities. It also offers recommendations for helping all children grow up at a healthy weight, especially from an early age, which is essential to preventing a wide range of health problems and saving billions in health care costs.

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